Yes the C word! It’s November after all! Are you well organised & have your Christmas presents etc bought in October?! Or are you a last minute shopper? Here’s a hint – last minute Christmases cost WAY more than if you budget for them & spread the spending over the year. Here are some handy tips for Christmas budget success!

1. Save up in advance! Add a specific amount to your monthly budget throughout the year. You can transfer it to a separate bank account or keep it in a paypal account.

2. Tell your family / friends you are sticking to a budget for presents. You can maybe agree to all stick to a £20 present limit etc…

3. Decide to only buy 1 gift per person!

4. Or give couple / group gifts instead of individual ones!

5. How about making homemade gifts if you are crafty or a good baker?

6. Take advantage of sales throughout the year to purchase gifts.

7. How about checking out local charity shops – many of them also sell brand new items at a lower cost.

8. Limit long-distance travelling to see family / friends.

9. Make handmade decorations using lots of free goodies from nature – pine cones, holly & ivy etc.

10. Say no to any activities or gift exchanges that feel too much!