How much money / financial education did you receive as a child? Whether that be through schools / churches or family or friends? I know I received very little & it definitely would have benefitted me later in life if I had. So, what can you do about it if you have children of your own? I would strongly suggest having a look at the amazing range of money games on the Mortgage Calculator site! Seriously, these games are fantastic and I even enjoyed playing them as an adult! Your kids (or you!) can learn through play about various topics such as real estate / property, entrepreneurship (you can run your own business & learn how to manage the cashflow!), cryptocurrency etc… Also, it is a genuinely 100% free gaming site and does not promote gambling or any other risky money behaviours which I believe is super important.

I will share some of my favourite games below, but I highly recommend checking the games out whether you have kids or not!

Well, since in real life I do actually run my own pet business I had to try out the Idle Pet Business game! In it you operate your own pet store & learn about re-investing your income to be able to purchase more varieties of pets! There’s also a cool feature where you can promote them on social media to earn more points! A really fun way to learn about business, especially if you’re an animal lover!

I also tried the Flower Shop games as I have been doing an evening course in floristry for the last 6 months! Unfortunately I wasn’t so good at these games! I just couldn’t get the hang of them, and had a number of very unhappy customers who didn’t get the flowers they ordered….! Oooops! Hopefully I will be more successful in real life dealing with flowers!

I also loved the Lego City Adventures Build And Protect game. So much fun digging for bricks to build shops / businesses. Like building your own donut shop and collecting the taxes from it to reinvest into building more businesses! I could spend hours building up my city! There are also fun options to prevent robberies and fires too.

There are also basic addition / subtraction games for younger kids to help teach arithmetic to. I even enjoyed these games!

Honestly, I bet by playing these games there will be a whole future generation of amazing entrepreneurs! Plus adults with a whole lot more money sense & knowledge than me! If you have kids (or even if you don’t!) I urge you to hop over the the main games index page and have a go at some that take your fancy! You never know what your kids (or you!) might learn!

Let me know if you try any of the games and what you think!