Sometimes you just need some extra cash QUICKLY & don’t have the time or funds to be buying lots of stock to resell at a a higher price. Here are 5 quick, easy ways to make some cash TODAY with no money leaving your bank account!

1. Raid your wardrobe (or your partner’s /kid’s wardrobe!) & grab 10 items of clothing / footwear that you haven’t worn in months. Don’t overthink it, just grab em! Use daylight & take clear photos of them & upload to ebay. Say, each item has an average sale price of £10 plus P&P – that’s potentially £100 (minus eBay fees) that you could make. And if they are priced competitively it’s likely they will sell pretty quickly!

2. Now for the rest of the house! Gather up 10 items (ornaments, toys, books, ANYTHING!) that you no longer use & is just gathering dust. Take clear photos & upload them to Facebook Marketplace &/or local Facebook selling pages. (If you have time you can also cross list them on eBay!) This could be quick, easy cash in hand sales for you.

3. Ask family or friends if they have any items (clothing, household goods etc) for you to sell on eBay / Facebook on a consignment / commission basis. You would be surprised at how many people have things they would like to sell for extra money but don’t have the time / know-how to do so! You can negotiate your % fee (I like to charge 50% of the final selling price minus all fees).

4. If in the spring / summer months why not try selling at a car boot sale? They are early starts but always good fun! Just make sure you don’t buy too much from other sellers to take home with you!

5. If you have a spare hour or 2 in the daytime why not ask around if any of your friends’ or family have a dog (s) they need walked? It may be cheaper to pay a friend rather than hire a professional walker. You get fresh air, exercise, company of a cute (hopefully!) dog & a bit of extra cash too!